Meet The Talented Stylist Behind The Voice UK Makeovers

Some of The Voice contestants as styled by Gayle


With over two decades’ experience dressing star names for fashion’s biggest brands and magazines, Gayle Rinkoff knows styling. She’s conquered the industry with work that has featured in major titles such as Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair. While she’s also styled the likes of Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon and that most glamorous of dames, Helen Mirren. Now thanks to ShareStyle, she’s available to style you!

So we thought who better to kick-off our new ShareStylist Stories series than the woman who’s currently transforming the tuneful hopefuls of The Voice UK from karaoke singers to prime-time superstars. We stole a few minutes of Gayle’s time to find out what excites her in her role, her favourite part of the job and what style means to her…

ShareStyle: So, how would you describe what you do?

Gayle: I like to think that I make people happy by making them feel good about themselves through what they are wearing. My life as a stylist has taken so many forms over the years from styling an A list celebrity for a series of photo shoots, using my creative vision to put a fashion show together to taking a woman on a shopping trip who has just reached her goal weight. Each job is unique and that is how I approach each and every one.


ShareStyle: Tell us about your work on The Voice…

Gayle: My work on The Voice is to head up the styling team and come up with the creative vision for each contestant. I have been working on the show since October so have spent a lot of time with all the contestants. Once they were through the initial blind audition stage I had to create a mood board for each one. And they were all so very different, so 24 mood boards in total. Mammoth task but a lot of fun.

Each contestant has a rail of outfit options and we have fittings each week. However I’m always on the lookout for other pieces so the rails grow weekly. My job is to find an outfit that works with the song they are singing, the staging, lighting and any choreography, and keep them within the realm of their mood board I have created.


ShareStyle: Why do you think people often assume personal styling is just for celebrities?

Gayle: Most people start their day looking on social media these days and you are bombarded with images of celebrities looking fabulous. It’s a given that these people have stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists as they always look so perfect. To the outside world, this look is only achievable with an army of people but I beg to differ. Personal styling should do exactly what it says on the tin. Personal. Styling. It shouldn’t matter what your lifestyle is, you may just need your wardrobe sorted out or a small capsule working wardrobe for work or just a great dress for a wedding.


ShareStyle: How do you ease first timers on an initial styling session?

Gayle: I spend the first 20 minutes of a session chatting to my client. This is after I have emailed them a short questionnaire. That 20 minutes is to make them feel comfortable and answer any questions they may have and also pinpoint exactly what it is they are hoping to achieve with the time we have.


ShareStyle: What’s the one thing on your wish list this season?

Gayle: The one thing on my wish list (which has been in my list for almost 10 years) is a 1930’s vintage Rolex. A girl can dream.

ShareStyle: What’s hidden in the back of your closet?

Gayle: My wardrobe is full of what I call ‘Summer gems’. I love the warmth and the ease of summer dressing so you will find an abundance of bohemian dresses and peasant blouses tucked at the back of my wardrobe in the hope that I’ll end up living in Ibiza one day!


ShareStyle: What did you do on your last day off?

Gayle: My last day off, although I call it ‘a normal day’ was spent doing two school runs, a food shop, a trip to the dry cleaners, watching my youngest daughter at gymnastics, taking my eldest to athletics and then having dinner with my husband!


ShareStyle: What’s one style tip you would like to share with our readers?

Gayle: The one tip I would like to share is: Get to know your body shape and dress accordingly. Don’t always go for what’s on trend if it’s not very ‘you’. I would always want to be called “stylish rather than trendy”.

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